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07 Apr 17
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I am a special financier. I make loans between individuals to people in financial difficulties and able to repay the amount borrowed. My loan terms are simple and well defined.
Even those who are anarchized by people badly intensed on the internet, please do not lose the courage to apply for a new loan home
I have a large amount of capital that can lend to individuals and the deadlines will be set
According to your monthly budget. If you have projects to carry out or if you are
Financial difficulties you can contact me by mail as soon as possible
With the amount of time and your loan knowing that my interest rate is 2%.


06 Apr 17
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Would you like to buy a new or used car? Buy a two-wheeled vehicle or offer a motorhome to criss-cross the road? Buy a boat to discover new horizons? La Banque Postale can offer financing solutions tailored to your situation.
E Personal Loan Auto is a flexible and useful credit that can adapt to your needs and your situation:

A loan available from 1500 €.
No personal contribution is required.
Advice, follow-up and personalized support before and during the entire duration of your loan.
A quick principle response.
Optional (2) but recommended insurance that best suits your situation.
The possibility to subscribe by:

– Internet

– Post office.

un crédit gratuit pour financer votre maison

06 Apr 17
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A free credit that helps you in 2016 to finance your first home: it is the loan at 2% rate or “PTZ”. Can you benefit? How much to borrow? How to pay back? Our answers to take advantage of this home ownership assistance.

Helping families with housing: this is the objective of the so-called “PTZ” zero-rate loan. This year, it remains reserved for households with modest and modest incomes. In addition, only those who purchase their first principal residence can benefit. If you do build for the first time, you are therefore particularly concerned.

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